Finally you can take Animal Training 101: The complete and practical guide to the art and science of behavior modification with you on the go!

UNLOCK THE SECRET SCIENCE OF BEHAVIOR with DR. JENIFER ZELIGS! Discover how to interpret behavior using a scientific approach melded with the art of training.  These techniques can be used with any species!

This fully downloadable 28 recording audio series provides: 

  • The complete contents of AT 101 1st edition read by the author!!
    • Unmask the six basic methods to train any behavior
    • Select the right training approach for each animal
    • Learn the 4 basic methods to conquer fears and aversions
    • Discover how to reduce unwanted behavior positively
    • Learn how to troubleshoot all your training obstacles
    • Teach advanced behaviors in difficult situations                                                                                                                                            
  • NEW content in the form of “Authors Notes” for the 2nd edition (making this Edition 1.5)
  • User friendly audio lecture lengths of approximately 30 mins in duration organized by topic for quick review and referencing
  • Over 15 hrs of content! 
  • On Sale Now $35.00!

About the instructor


Dr. Jenifer A. Zeligs

Dr. Jenifer Zeligs, world famous animal trainer and author of Animal Training 101: The complete and practical guide to the art and science of behavior modification, offers her unique and inspiring insight into the world of animal behavior modification with this one-of-a-kind lecture series.  Dr. Zeligs has been training animals of all types; domestic and exotic, terrestrial and aquatic, for over 35 years, and teaching animal training at California State University for over 15 years to students from all over the world. Her award-winning teaching is now available to a wider audience through this on-line class experience.

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