Certification of Completion: AT101

**You must have completed the full course to receive certification**

Final exam to earn the Certificate of Completion:

The final exam has twenty questions and is meant to be answered using information as presented in this course (though many of you have other broad backgrounds also, the certification is based on your demonstration of comprehension of this material).  You may use as much space as you need for each question.  The final exam may be taken open book, however, for the sake of knowledge we encourage you to try to answer on your own first. Also, it is important to rephrase things in your own words, except for definitions.    You may use any species you like for any answers and/or examples. Your certificate arrives in a nice frame

Dr. Jenifer A. Zeligs
Dr. Jenifer A. Zeligs

About the instructor

Dr. Jenifer Zeligs, world famous animal trainer and author of Animal Training 101: The complete and practical guide to the art and science of behavior modification, offers her unique and inspiring insight into the world of animal behavior modification with this one-of-a-kind lecture series.  Dr. Zeligs has been training animals of all types; domestic and exotic, terrestrial and aquatic, for over 35 years, and teaching animal training at California State University for over 15 years to students from all over the world. Her award-winning teaching is now available to a wider audience through this on-line class experience.

Approximate time to complete final exam:

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