Certification Bundle

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Animal Training 101 Part 1: Communication

Understand how to condition stimuli to communicate with your animal. Learn the 6 basic methods to train any behavior and discover how to choose the best ones for your animal!


Animal Training 101 Parts 2 & 3: Motivation and Practical Training

Learn critical principles of what’s driving your animal and how to convince them to cooperate with you! Learn techniques to eliminate fears, train complex behavior and how to troubleshoot all your training obstacles!


Foundations of Training: Lectures 1-3

New to training? Just want a great review? A balanced and thoughtful overview of associative and operant learning.


The 6 Basic Operant Techniques

Learn the 6 basic techniques to form any behavior with any animal!


Animal Training 101 Part 2: Motivation

Unlock the secret science of Motivation. Master one of the hardest issues of training: convincing an animal to cooperate with you!